Monday, March 26, 2007

Abel Tasman...WOW!

The South Island is FABULOUS! From the Abel Tasman to Nelson Lakes to the West Coast, this place just keeps getting better! We've been having a blast tramping about where-ever we can find a trail. We've also discovered two of New Zealand's best pests: sand flies, and wekas. On the "annoying bug spectrum" sand flies are right up there with mosquitos. I've taken to calling them Satan's little helpers. Wekas are these goofy flightless birds that pester you when your camping. They're fun!

Lyndsay, get better!

Sorry, no pictures allowed here...internet rules. Bye for now.


L said...

It is great to hear from you and that you are having a terrific time. It's spring break for me starting today so I'm heaving a sigh of relieve as I write this. Lots to do around the house but I'm going to stop and smell the roses too. Saw your mom - kj - when she was here and of course Lyndsay. She was supposed to go back to work on Wednesday. I haven't talked with her yet and Dan bought a RAV 4 - hooray!!
LU both - be safe!
Auntie L

Barb said...

Hi, Those pesky little creatures will inhabit the world. I really enjoy reading your blog and the comments from others. Everything here is going great. Quinn is in Nanaimo having some serious discussions with people around baseball. Boy, am I ever learning a lot of stuff...Proball who would have thought. It is fun having him here and I look forward to the week ahead. I love talking to you and hearing about your trip. What a great time. Please, keep us all informed and be a safe.
Love Mom

Grandma & Grandma Cochrane said...

Hi-- we finally got connected. Have really enjoyed your updates and comments. Hope the weather here is better when you get home. Its terrible now -- snow and -10 ...Friday it was +17...this is Spring in Alberta!!! Do you need a ride from the airport -- let us know.
P&E (Grandpa & Grandma)